Our Philosophy

We believe one of the greatest benefits of travel is the people we meet and the relationships we form. Even the most familiar place becomes novel when experienced with new friends. At Miracolo Tours we strive to make each trip a meaningful and unique experience. Our trips are special because you're there.

We work to bring the world to you. We work to share knowledge and new experiences. We work to make sure every detail of your trip is perfect. But what sets us apart the most is our work to form relationships. We want to get to know you and we want to help you get to know one another.

If a common experience can foster a friendship, imagine the friendships that emerge from the incredibly uncommon experience of traveling the world together. We are a company that endeavors to make the world attainable. But, even more than that, we are a company that brings people together.

Our Story

Everyone should see the world.

With this conviction in mind, Peter Prager gathered a team of trusted friends who shared his belief. They met one day in a café just south of Central Park to discuss the beginnings of a big idea. They reminisced about their favorite trips, they recounted meals at their favorite restaurants in far-flung places, they discussed the trips they still wanted to take, and, ultimately, they strategized the best way to design a tour.

And so, Miracolo Tours was formed.

It was only afterward that Peter realized he had met each one of these friends through traveling. Our team is, appropriately, a product of the very experiences we hope to share with you and a perfect example of how important these experiences can be.

Our Team



Peter Prager

In addition to starting several successful businesses, Peter is a travel expert. Over the last several decades he has organized trips in Europe, Asia, the Middle East, Central America, Africa, and across the United States. Peter has worked with presidents, vice-presidents, royalty, the Vatican, musicians, TV personalities, and movie stars. He brings an unparalleled level of experience, ensuring that each Miracolo tour is perfect for you.

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Rocco Claps

Rocco is a widely-travelled executive and tour organizer throughout Europe and Asia, leading a human rights delegation to China, working on White House advance teams, and as part of an official delegation to Vatican City. With over thirty years of experience, Rocco also led numerous groups throughout Italy, avidly focusing on cultural and language development as a vital part of the overall travel experience.

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Holly Fraumeni

Holly recently concluded a distinguished 27 year career with the United States Secret Service as a supervisory special agent. She has extensive travel experience not only from work, from pleasure, but most importantly from volunteering with the Li-Fraumeni Syndrome Association – a cancer awareness organization dedicated to global education, patient support and research advancement. 

Jason Horowitz

Between business and travel, Jason has visited over 50 countries on six continents. He served in the US Foreign Service for over five years. Jason's technology and operations experience are essential to keeping Miracolo Tours on the cutting edge, and for giving you the best possible vacation experience.

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Matthew Scanlin

Matt has a Master's degree in International Economics and Relations from the Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS). He has lived in Scotland, England, Italy, and the United Arab Emirates, and traveled extensively in Europe. With more than fifteen years of experience in planning large events, Matt will handle ground logistics to ensure your tour goes smoothly. Having honed his golf game as an undergraduate at the University of St. Andrews, Matt is also Miracolo Tours' golf specialist. While he is willing to share with you his insider knowledge of Scotland's courses, he will not share his handicap.

Beau Gambold

Beau has planned events for universities and presidential campaigns. He has served as a Peace Corps Volunteer and led voluntourism groups. He is a photographer, musician, second-degree black belt, and sommelier. He has lived in Southeast Asia and Central America, and traveled through Europe, India, Africa, and much of the U.S. He is currently pursuing a Master's degree in Creative Writing at Columbia University.


Mary Kate Prager

Mary Kate grew up seeing her dad organize trips and travel the world, and it sparked in her the same desire to see and experience as many places as possible. As she grew older, Mary Kate began to travel with her father, visiting ten countries by the time she entered college. A recent graduate of Niagara University, she is currently pursuing a graduate degree while developing a video series for those confined to home and unable to travel.